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Idle Control Valve 0280 140 500 Volvo 240, 242, 245 2.1L 1981-1984 760 2.8 v6

PART NUMBER: 0280 140 500

replacement idle control valve for Bosch number 0280 140 500
this is a substitute part that is custom built to replace larger diameter clumsy idle control motor. The resistance of the coil windings on the motor are configured to work with your current ECU that is in the vehicle currently. No electrical modifications needed. The idle control valve is fitted with correct electrical connector plug, and will pug into existing wire harness.
some modifications to the idle control mounting bracket may be needed if desired. We provide installation insulation mat that will take up the differences between the mounting bracket and replacement idle control valve
This idle control motor will fit volvo 240 , with 2.1 L engines from 1981 through 1984
Also will fit Volvo 760 with 2.8 L v6 engines.

This part will fit following vehicles

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