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  • Volvo S60 S80 V70 XC70 Front Seat upholstery Cover beige 39806830

  • PART NUMBER: 39806830

    Complete front lower seat cover replacement solution for S60 (2016-2017) V70 (2008-2010), S70 (2007-2016), XC70 (2008-2016).
    High-quality, textured leather on entire surfaces. This is a complete replacement solution for S/V70s with a front bottom seat cover that is ripped, worn or otherwise falling apart. NOT a slip cover. This is a carefully-crafted direct replacement upholstery for one seat – lower section only.

    These covers must be installed with the seat removed from your car. Installation may call for the use of HOG RINGS, HOG RING PLIERS, and plastic zip ties.

    The center portion surface of this seat cover is textured. (The center panel is not smooth finish – as was available on some models.) Look closely at the images above.

    This seat cover is EXACT copy of the one you are taking off. The one that you are taking off has a part number on it . IF you are not sure what you need- please email us, preferably with the part number , and that is BEFORE you purchase.

    We will work with you if you get a wrong part, and you need something other than what we have here so please work with us as well.. before you purchase if you are not sure...

    This seat cover assembles in the same manner as the original, to the anchors on the seat foam cushion. Look closely at the image above.
    SUPERB quality and craftsmanship. This is NOT a slip cover. This is a properly made direct replacement upholstery component.
    This must be installed with the seat removed from your Volvo.
    It is the same part as your original seat cover - only it is new!

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