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TD-613 radio stereo cassette player upgrade replacement Volvo 240


Our TD-613 Radio Upgrade Kit with Hands-Free phone ,touch screen and rear camera feature, engineered in Japan and assembled in USA from components that are made in USA,ITALY ,KOREA and TAIWAN (PRC)
Featuring an ULTRA MODERN touch screen 5.1 inch AM/FM radio with all the latest features, including hands-free calling capability with a microphone input via highest quality latest Bluetooth 4.2 version that supports human voice filtering .
Radio has a rear-view camera /reverse camera input port . Rear view camera is not included but can be purchased and installed on your Volvo to support this great feature.
Radio has support of every possible data format MP5 ,RM,RMVB,MP3 / WMA .
Stereo output is 4 channels of 45watt peak.
Built in amplifier has solid core aluminum heat sink ,
Touch screen is 5.1 inch big and supports from 720p up to 1080 p image resolution
( Your average picture via phone message is about 72 p resolution)
2 usb ports in the front panel, SD and MMC card ports. Radio will store saved stations when power is completely disconnected

You can select the back panel illumination color from available colors for your new head unit to resemble vintage green look .
The installation of the new unit is simple. There is no wire cutting or soldering needed. Your replacement unit ready to be installed!
Remove your old -nonfunctional cassette player. Unplug antennae cable and electrical connectors from the back panel of the cassette player. Install short wire harness provided with the replacement unit , one part into the vehicles harness, one into the receptacle on the back panel of the new unit.
Installing long wire harness that is provided with the replacement unit is slightly different procedure .The larger of the connectors must be plugged into the vehicle’s amplifier harness first.
Amplifier is located behind the storage compartment under the heater control panel of your Volvo. To gain access to the amplifiers wire harness plug- passengers side kick panel plastic cover must be removed . It is held by 1 screw with the Philips head at the top and one plastic lock screw at the bottom. Once the panel is removed you will be able to reach to the center of the console with a screwdriver and pry/ remove the amplifiers multi-pin plug from the top of the amplifier. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. After the wire harness is retrieved from the cavity , install the corresponding connector of the long wire harness adapter that is provided with the replacement unit into the plug and feed the small plug end up inside the dash up toward the stereo opening . There is plenty of room and this should be easy. Once the harness is installed and feed through, pug the small end into the open receptacle on the back panel of the new unit. Electrical assembly is complete!
Install stereo in its place. There is no modification needed to mount the stereo onto the dashboard of your Volvo. Use existing mounting screws to secure the stereo.
Install small covers between the stereo and speedometer assembly.
The installation is now complete.
The unit features 5 year warranty against factory defects .

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