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3517064, 1357710 fuel pressure regulator alcohol compatible for Volvo 240, 244, 245, 740, 760 940,

PART NUMBER: 3517064

This is a new type of a fuel pressure regulator that is compatible with fuel that contains alcohol. This fuel pressure regulator can handle straight alcohol as well as regular gasoline . This will fit following volvo models without modifications
240 244 245 19878-93 , DL GL
740,745 1985-92
760 1984-90
780 1989-91
940 1991-95

If your Volvo has a difficult time running , black smoke comes out the tail pipe- that is a sign of ruptured diaphragm inside of the fuel pressure regulator. Stalling at idle , - or after running for 10 minutes , - also sign of the fuel pressure regulator that was affected by the fuel with alcohol.
This is an upgrade for the older Volvo that meant to run on gasoline.If you can find gasoline without any alcohol , you are doing great! If you car is running poorly on the stuff that you found at your local gas station , or not running at all and fuel is coming out of the small tube in the center of the pressure regulator when the vacuum line is removed- replace the fuel pressure regulator. The pressure regulator we are offering can handle gasoline with alcohol .

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