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Door Glass Outer Scraper Seal Installation and Seal Guide FOR YOUR Volvo 240 245 Refurbishing service 2 front and 2 rear door DGSK240REF


With the purchase if this item you will receive in exchange a full set of the DGSK240 door glass scraper seals (set of 4 - one per each window) that were installed into the refurbished and repainted guide frames.

We will exchange your old discolored parts with the reconditioned restored original components that were professionally cleaned and painted, then fitted with the new scraper seals.

This is just one extra step we are taking to help you with the restoration process of your Volvo 240 model.

**We are offering this option as a result of many customers' requests.
Please understand that we will EXCHANGE your old parts with the new refurbished ones - after you complete the order, print out the sales receipt and deliver your exchange to us.**

These seals work on Volvo 240 and 260 from 1975 - through 1993

This part will fit following vehicles

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