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Volvo 240 245 station wagon rear hatch door interior panel board backing plate 245HBP


Replacement interior panel board for rear hatch door for volvo 240 245 station wagon
This is a laser cut backing plate particle board panel onto which you can transfer the upholstery cover from your old interior pane.
As a rule the original interior panel of the hatch door of your Volvo 240 station wagon can no longer stay in place ,and have tendency to fall on your head as you walk under the open hatch door.

We are offering a laser board that is exactly same in dimensions as your old one. All that have to be done is to transfer upholstery cover that is held with shot staples and install panel back in its place
Plastic mounting clips have to be carefully re used. It is a good practice to warm them up with a hair drier prior to removal - installation. This makes material of the clip more pliable

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