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interior trim door panel mounting clip yellow improved design with larger retainer head 1207900 Volvo 240 245

PART NUMBER: 1207900r

Replacement interior panel board mounting clip with larger retainer head that can be installed on badly worn out door panels of your Volvo 240 sedan and station wagon.

When the interior door panel is removed from the car to gain access to internal components on a 30 year old Volvo 240, the small plastic mounting clips will crumble in your hands or split in two parts and can no longer be used for their purpose. Original replacement mounting clips are still available from Volvo.

The trouble comes in - when in the process of pulling a dried out panel away from the door , the small head of the plastic retainer rips pressed particle board of the door panel and provides a nice hole about the size of its retainer ,and the original type retainer clip becomes useless.

This type of situation calls for a custom retainer clip from Swedish Car Parts , with improved design ! Our custom designed larger retainer will work in place of the original part, and will hold the door panel in place .

Upper retainer head of our improved clip is shaped in the form of a letter G and can be installed into existing mounting hole of the pressed particle board door decorative interior panel easily.
By using this improved type of mounting clip you will save time and make your door panel installation a pleasant experience.

This clip is yellow in color and will fit many Volvo 240 series and 140 series. If you are looking for improved design Pink color or Black color muting clips - please look on our web site as we have them in the interior parts sections .

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