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Volvo window regulator sliding pivot block upgrade metal 740, 940 ,760 ,960 s70 v70 cx90 s80 xc70 s60

PART NUMBER: 3509416

Original Volvo window regulator sliding pivot blocks are made of plastic . They work great while the car is new and few year after . As your Volvo gets older , many window gaskets and guides are not as pliable , they dry up. The plastic slide of the window lifting mechanism that attached glass to the window regulator is having difficulties to support its intended function. Metal clip for pivot attachment breaks away tiny ears of the plastic slide that holding clip in its place. This resulting the widow to fall down inside the door. The situation can also cause even worse scenario if we attempt to FIX the window by operating the power window switch .As a rule that can cause of the all sorts of damages to the window regulator.
Replacing broken plastic part with another plastic part does not solve the problem. In many cases the repair does not last but for couple of UP -DOWN window runs.
To solve the popular issue - we came up with the solution - we made stainless steel replacement slide blocks and we had them coated with Teflon
They perform very well in any temperature and stay on place . If you are looking at this page - we are certain that you replaced number of plastic slides already , and do understand the advantage of the metal parts versus plastic.
This repair solution works on many volvo models with the rectangular window regulator slide block.
from 1983 through 2012. Pictures are there to help you identify the part correctly.

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