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1384636 Volvo 240 HT-204 HT-205 front speakers set of 2 with tweeters 4 ohm 20Watt including mounting brackets and covers black

PART NUMBER: 1348636 kit set complete

Set of 2 reproduction combination speakers with tweeters, 4 Ohm, 20 watt. These speakers have been custom manufactured to replicate original volvo low profile speakers . We requested the manufacturer to add tweeters into the speakers. These have correct mounting hole spacing to fit the original style mounting bracket, using all 4 mounting bolts for proper sound delivery. The original speaker covers will cover these speakers neatly , and without any modifications. It is time to install properly made speakers into your front doors and restore your Volvo's original appearance.
Mounting brackets are made to fit front doors and can be neatly installed onto rear window shelf with interior matching covers
We manufacture custom color matched speaker muting brackets and speaker covers that resemble original equipment and that will match your volvo 240 interior . This product offer consists of 2 speakers and 2 mounting brackets with color matching covers.

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