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MAF sensor air mass meter 280212007 ajustable Volvo 240, 740, 760, 1389618

PART NUMBER: 280212016

Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter MAF Fit for Volvo with LH 2.2 fuel injection with adjustable fuel ratio screw ‎Interchange Part Number: 0280212007 1346645 3411906 8602791 8251496 7591183
fits Volvo
780 L4 2.3L 89-89
760 L4 2.3L 85-89
745 L4 2.3L 85-85
740 L4 2.3L 85-88
245 L4 2.3L 84-88
244 L4 2.3L 85-88
The Air Mass Meter depends on other parts to ensure a normal operating function. Bosch 2,2 fuel injection uses an intake air thermostat located inside a filter box that controls intake air temperature. A defective air box thermostat will cause air mass meter failure as a rule.
This Mass Air Flow sensor is an updated version different from the original hot platinum wire style. It is like the later Volvo air mass meter sensor design and has an air intake temperature thermistor.
(A thermistor is a semiconductor type whose resistance strongly depends more on temperature than standard resistors).
The thermistor replaced Vintage hot platinum wire in an air mass meter.
While it may not look exactly like the old design part with the HOT WIRE, you just removed from your Volvo, it is a proper replacement that will function correctly.
The common condition of an air mass meter failure
There is no CHECK ENGINE light on 2.2 LH fuel injection system . below are examples of the conditions related to MAF sensor faults on LH 2.2 cars
The engine has a rough idle and stalls under load LH2.2
Short-term fuel trim is rich at idle or lean under load LH2.2
Engine Constantly runs rich ( black smoke out of the exhaust pipe)
This air mass meter was manufactured in China.

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