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  • Volvo 850 S70 C70 V70 1993-2000 Center Console arm rest cover leather Charcoal A8BK


    This is a quality original pattern leather center console arm rest replacement cover skin that is sewn from 3 pieces of real leather to form an exact shape and fit. This is a perfect solution to bring back to life your 850 S70 C70 V70 1993-2000 center console arm rest cover that is ripped, worn or otherwise falling apart.
    This is NOT a slip cover with the rubber band. This is a carefully-crafted leather replacement upholstery piece .

    We are offering this cover because we believe that the repair procedure does not require a professional upholsterers expertise .
    You should be able to remove the center consoles arm rest lid, as it is held to the backing plate with torx head screws.
    The existing center console cover is attached with a glue to the inner inside edge of the arm rest lid and can be removed by heating up glued up sections of the cover with the heat gun. You can use Elmer's rubber cement to attach your replacement cover to the lid. Trim excess material with the utility knife to allow perfect fit . Attack to the armrest lid frame with the same screws. Now you got something that you can be proud of!
    Works for:
    850 All years, all trims engines, sedans and station wagons
    S70, V70, V70Cross Country 1998-2000 All trims/engines
    C70 Convertible and Coupe 1998-2004 All trims/engines

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