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  • low coolant level warning sensor upgrade kit for Volvo C70,V50,S40,C30 LCL76151


    low coolant level sensor upgrade kit for
    Volvo C70 2006-2013
    Volvo S40 2004-2011 with 5 cylinder 2.5 and 2.4 gasoline engines,
    Volvo V50 2005-2011
    Volvo C30 2007-2013
    This is upgrade kit for the vehicles that do not have a low coolant warning system installed.
    You can install this upgrade kit in less than 5 minutes, without visiting a repair facility or service garage.
    1) Simply remove the coolant expansion tank cap- MAKE SURE THAT THE ENGINE IS COLD!!
    2) Install new replacement cap with the sensor into a coolant reservoir tank ( make sure the coolant level us up to the FULL line)
    3) Locate the coolant thermostat housing on your engine ( we include instructions - showing where it is- please look at the pictures with instructions
    4) Disconnect gray color electrical connector from the coolant temperature sensor.
    5)Install larger Plug of the new low coolant sensor system harness onto the coolant sensor on the thermostat housing,
    6)install smaller plug of the new low coolant sensor system harness into the GRAY coolant temperature sensor harness plug at the vehicles engine wire harness .

    The installation is complete.

    to test the sensor for functionality
    Start the car. Carefully Unscrew the cap with the sensor from the coolant expansion tank, allowing the sensor's float to drop to the signal point.
    The Sensor is equipped with the device that will signal the vehicle computer and warn the driver of the LOW coolant level by one the following signs
    the Message display will show HIGH ENGINE TEMP. STOP ENGINE
    the red exclamation sign below that green text board will illuminate.
    The Radiator Cooling fans will be operating at full speed.
    install the expansion cap back into the coolant expansion tank - we are back to normal operating conditions. system tested.

    We designed and developed this upgrade kit so that you can have an early LOW ENGINE COOLANT warning system installed on your Volvo models mentioned above. From the day these models were introduced to the USA market- there have been an issue since there is no factory installed low coolant warning system.It is UNFORTUNATE , but many of our customers had to deal with the cost associated with complete engine replacement , due to loss of coolant and engine OVERHEATING.
    We are proud to offer this solution to you . You will have low engine coolant warning system on your volvo after installing this upgrade kit.

    Please UNDERSTAND - this is NOT a repair solution for OVERHEATED engine. If your vehicles engine is overheated- it has to be replaced first. Then you install the sensor .

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