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  • VOLVO front power seat control button lever set of 2 S40 V50 S80 V70 XC90 39980252HM

  • PART NUMBER: 39980252HM

    Volvo Power seat control buttons that are mounted on the side of the seat .This is Not the entire recliner control module. Just the buttons. The module is still attached to your seat. Just the buttons are missing. REGARDLESS of what the profit center says these are available right here. We have just the buttons you have been looking for!
    Works on models with power seats 2006 and up through the 2017 on some models

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  • Volvo Seat Heater Replacement Pad HE240740

  • PART NUMBER: HE240740

    A must for your seat restoration project - the perfect seat heating pad.
    Those who have restored a Volvo seat would know...

    One of the most common problems when restoring a vintage Volvo seat is a not working, worn-out or disintegrated heating element. There are only a handful of things that leave much to be desired in your Volvo, and the seat heater was one of them.

    Well, no more. Swedish Car Parts presents the 21st century solution to the problem - a completely new design of the seat heating pad with integrated thermostat and temperature-limiter switch. Unlike the old fragile one with individual wires that would break in time, rendering the while "heated seat" feature unusable, these new pads (designed and built by Swedish Car Parts), will not cause such issues. Here's why:
    Much larger area means more heat.

    The heating grid is woven in such a way that it could be trimmed to fit. You can merely cut a piece out and there will be no contact loss or shortcut. Needless to say, any broken wire (should that happen, which is unlikely) will not affect the pad's performance.

    The wires are completely enclosed within the soft pad. They will not entangle and will always remain a particular pattern, giving the most heat. Less movement - less breakage.

    The pad itself has adhesive strips that will hold it firmly to the foam cushion. No slipping, no sliding, no wear and no tear.

    The pad could be used either in the cushion, or seatback, or both,
    We generously left about 2 feet of the power cable, which is supposed to be trimmed to fit. This allows you to place the pad anywhere in the seat.

    Because these pads could be used on any model, the plug-in connector is not supplied. Please reuse the old one.

    Installing heater pads requires a complete disassembling of your seat. It should be done by a trained professional at proper facilities using correct tools.

    Works for: Volvo ALL MODELS

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