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  • 9144221, Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70, Heater Core

  • PART NUMBER: 9144221

    9144221 Heater Core
    One new AFTERMARKET replacement heater core assembly.
    The heater core is the same size as the original, has foam rubber seal attached around the perimeter of the core.
    Our heater core will fit the air box cavity without ANY modifications and you DO NOT NEED extra strips of any kind of padding for the RATTLE PREVENTION.
    No holes need to be drilled, no extra screws to hold the part in place... Nothing.
    This heater core has IMPROVED design over the design of the leaking ORIGINAL part .
    Reason behind the leak is the design flaw, where aluminum core molded in to the plastic frame.
    Aluminum expands more when exposed to heat, plastic does less.
    With time, this DYNAMIC DUO develops leaks.
    We had analyzed the problem, and developed the heater core with side tanks mechanically crimped to the core, and not injection molded together.
    New rubber o rings will be included with the heater core.
    Old o- rings should be removed from the connecting tubes on your customers Volvo and discarded as needed.
    Please use replacement o-rings provided.
    This is High quality heater core, made from correct materials.
    This heater core will fit
    Volvo 850 1993-97,
    Volvo S70 1998-00,
    Volvo V70 1998-00,
    Volvo C70 1998-04

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