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  • XA 42712 XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for Diesel Truck 950ml bottle

  • PART NUMBER: XA42712

    Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for diesel engine with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative product specially designed for diesel engines of heavy-duty vehicles with oil capacity system up to 30-45 qt. Due to Revitalizant the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn metal in engine parts and creates protective coating against future wear, thus providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection. Product application prolongs the life of diesel truck engine and allows avoiding expensive repairs in the future. One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles!
    Restores worn parts’ surfaces and compensates current wear
    Levels and increases compression in cylinders
    Reduces fuel consumption
    Enhances engine service life
    Increases pressure in oil system up to the nominal level
    Creates active protection system against overloading and overheating
    Reduces noise and vibration
    Improves oil lubricating properties and tribological characteristics of engine parts
    Increases engine power and acceleration capability

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  • PART NUMBER: XA10101

    No matter how well you maintain your car’s engine, the high heat and friction causes scratches, gouges, and wear to form on metal surfaces of the moving parts of the engine.

    Until now there was no way to reverse or prevent this inevitable metal wear. Adding one 21 ml tube of this AMAZING gel Revitalizant fills in any scratches, gouges, and wear wherever there is enough high-heat and friction to do so -- then it coats those friction areas in a layer of ceramic. This layer of ceramic lasts for 62,000 to 100,000 miles.

    The advantage of this AMAZING additive is that the function is activated by friction heat - so it does not clog up engine oil passages and works only where friction heat is generated.

    This 21 ML container is one of most advanced engine treatments known. It coats the friction heat exposed components in your customers engine in a thin metal-ceramic film that is 10 times stronger than steel.
    One 9ml tube contains 33 (RF33) of the active ingredients necessary for 1 complete revitalization cycle.

    This treatment is optimized for use in gasoline-powered engines. This product is beneficial for users who wish to add extra Revitalizant in small portions to their automobile engines, or for those who wish to Revitalize using a three-step method adding one tube every 100 miles to complete 3 step process.

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