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  • 8670398, Volvo C70, S60, S80, S80, V70, XC70, XC90, Air Mass Meter

  • PART NUMBER: 8670398

    8670398 Air Mass Meter
    Bosch # 0 280 218 088
    Air Mass Meters helps maintain fuel economy. The most common symptoms you will come across from a bad air mass meter are low performance and inconsistent or rough idle. Water and dirt particles entering the intake tube can cause air mass meters to fail. If you are unsure if this product is what you need for your Volvo, please contact Swedish Car Parts for assistance.
    For Volvo C70 Years 2003-07 TURBO,
    Volvo S60 Years 2002-07 TURBO,
    Volvo S80 Years 2002-04 Non-Turbo,
    Volvo S80 Years 2004-06 TURBO,
    Volvo V70 Years 2002-07 TURBO,
    Volvo XC70 Years 2003-07 TURBO,
    Volvo XC90 Years 2003-06 TURBO

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