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  • Steering rack assembly for volvo 240 260 1975-1993 CAM GEAR 1329694, 3091, 5003606, 5003666-4, 7832 955 106

  • PART NUMBER: 3516941

    New replacement power steering rack assembly for your Volvo 240 and 260 series. This steering rack will fit every model from 1975 through 1993 . The steering rack has a 19 mm pinion drive. Pinion drive is the part that connects to the steering shaft coupler.
    Steering rack has improved passenger side seal housing.
    The steering rack is pressure tested and has a small amount of power steering fluid inside of the rack. Both ports are covered with plugs and have o-rings to prevent leakage while in storage or while being shipped.
    Inner tie rod ends and steering rack boots are not attached to the steering rack. This will help to save money on shipping charges.
    When you receive the steering rack - please drain and flush your power steering reservoir and power steering pump before you install a replacement steering rack on your car. The non-flammable brake cleaner will be just great for the job.
    Our steering racks are FACTORY NEW , not rebuilt. They are tested for functionality and performance. High pressure hydraulic tests are also performed on every single steering rack we send out to our customers. Rack shaft ends are lubricated with special formulated grease and wrapped with protective cardboard for shipping.

    The steering rack will replace part numbers 1205660, 1228967, 1205661, 1228968, 1229322, 1229323 that you may find on the service tags of the original parts on your Volvo, and also the following reference numbers that have been adapted by several manufacturers and re-builders.

    01985240 , 01985250, 01985270, 110386, 110386, 110387, 1229322, 1272460 ,1273236, 1329690, 1329694 ,1329998, 13575 ,1359900, 26G67115, 301194, 3084004, 3516941, 5003666, 5003678 ,51643.

    When ordering our steering rack for your volvo 240 or 260 to replace a steering rack that looks another way than the one we are picturing , please consider ordering additional part numbers.
    1 x part number 1272678-2 (brace) -
    1 x part number 1272679-0 (distance piece)
    1 x part number 1272593-3 (distance piece)
    2 x part number 948645 - 7 ( lock nut)
    You can see the above kit in one of the pictures. The kit is not included and can be purchased separately. We have it in stock, just let us know!
    When ordering our power steering rack for cars with B27 or B28 engines (1975-1983) , it may be necessary to order a high pressure hose 1273324 for B27 or 1330396 for B28 engine. 1330705 banjo type nipple (#34 on the diagram) will be attached to the steering rack - for the return low pressure line connection

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