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  • Volvo 240/850 Speedometer/odometer Repair Service


    Speedometer/odometer Repair Service
    Volvo 240/850 All Years
    Got an stuck odometer that won't turn mileage? Swedish Car Parts is proud to offer complete odometer overhaul. New components, including gears and electronics. Superb service! Complete diagnostics and testing. Just send us your instrument cluster and we'll repair it with LIFETIME WARRANTY!
    Call for details: 1-773-381-2600.

    Works for: Volvo 240/260/850

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  • 3515295, Volvo 240, Speedometer Repair Gear

  • PART NUMBER: 3515295

    3515295, Speedometer Repair Gear,
    Volvo 240 Years 1985-93
    Replacement 25 teeth odometer gear.
    While a broken gear is the most common reason for odometer malfunctioning, it is by no means the only one. In come cases, replacing broken gears does not solve the problem. Sometimes electronic components also need to be repaired or replaced.
    If the gear that you got from us is TOO snug on the POD shaft of the odometer you are repairing- your odometer has 26 teeth gear.
    Yes, You can still install this gear that we are offering, by making the shaft hole adjustments.
    Look closely at the one that you are removing, and IF you found that the original gear IS NOT damaged, but the odometer is not functioning- the circuit board may need to be repaired and old CAPACITORS replaced with new ones.

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